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Ep. 167: Robby Gordon and his Dakar Rally return

By Nate Ryan, NASCAR on NBC Sports

The outspoken veteran star of NASCAR, IndyCar, sports cars and off-road trucks on what makes the Dakar Rally special (1:00); the UTV car he is bringing to the Rally (2:30); how the dunes of Peru will create a new challenge (4:00); his car’s advantage on the dunes (5:00); how his venture is similar to an old-school Indianapolis 500 venture (6:00); his days with the Hummer program and its high-tech innovation (6:30); a review of his last three vehicles at Dakar (7:00); why the competition is extremely stiff (8:00); but why he believes he still can win the overall title (8:45); if he excels, he expects rules changes (9:30); how Robby Gordon Motorsports makes up for having a fractional budget of its rivals (10:30); why his experience level and varied background benefits his chances (11:30); the appeal of building his own car and being a manufacturer in the desert racing industry (13:00); why he believes UTV is the future of motorsports and how his Stadium Super Trucks (SST) series fits into that (14:00); his vision for motorsports and how Stadium Super Trucks fits into it (16:00); why Stadium Super Trucks made sense in appealing to fans (17:15); SST's social media video viewing success (18:30); how he thinks shorter packaging is way to reach a younger audience (19:30); on becoming the owner of a series (21:30); turning 50 years old and returning to run Dakar three days later (22:30); staying alive -- one of the key parts of the Dakar Rally (23:00); the importance of balancing the logistics of owning a team with driving for it (25:00); a clever way of looking at the Dakar Rally through the lens of a NASCAR season (26:15); the many reasons Dakar is so unpredictable (27:15); the dynamics of running the event entirely in Peru for the first time and how teams are running blind daily through the event (29:00); the importance of having a good navigator (30:15); does it help his smaller team that no one can test? (31:30); another fun NASCAR analogy -- this time, the Daytona 500 (32:00); what Dakar has been like since moving from Africa to South America and its fervent fan following (33:00); what a Dakar win would mean to his legacy (35:00); does he look back with any regrets on NASCAR or IndyCar? (36:00); his chances of running the Indianapolis 500 again? (37:00); could he run NASCAR again? (38:00).

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