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#PPCChat 031219 - Black Friday Cyber Monday

By MindSwan

#PPCCHAT Twitter discussion that runs on Tuesdays at 5pm GMT - Led by Julie F Bacchini (@NeptuneMoon) Q1 How many of you were managing e-commerce accounts over the Black Friday – Cyber Monday (BF/CM) period this year? What categories are your accounts in (i.e. apparel, toys, etc.)? Q2 Overall, how did this year’s BF/CM go, generally for your accounts? Q3 Did you notice anything different happening during BF/CM this year? How did it impact what you did (or did not do)? Q4 What offers performed the best? Q5 What were client expectations like for this year’s BF/CM timeframe? Did the accounts meet those expectations? Q6 Did anything weird happen in your accounts during the BF/CM period? If so, what? And what did you do in response to the weirdness? Q7  If you could have done something differently this year, what would that have been and why? Q8 What do you wish clients would do/not do for next year’s BF/CM? Q9 What lessons from this year will you definitely take with you into next year’s BF/CM planning and execution? Q10 What could the platforms do to make it better and easier for advertisers during this busy time?

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