Primordial Radio's #OWWB Re-Rewind 2019.03.13

By Carl

Every Wednesday on Moose's breakfast show on Primordial Radio, he runs One Word Wednesday BIngo, where those listening attempt to guess some songs from single word clues. We do this to attempt to win the covetted Hive Mind badge. Someone else, chosen at random from the entries gets to pick the next week's tracks.In the drivetime show, Dewsbury gives his own take, and more often than not gets a very low score (one point for the correct artist, one point for the correct song). Honestly, I don't normally do much better. Usually worse.Anyway. if you fancy having a go at next week's, based on what you hear on this podcast, here's what you do:1) Go to www.primordialradio.com2) Sign up for a free trial - no credit card details needed, and you won't be charged.3) On Tuesday, the link to the #OWWB entry form will be posted on the Primordial Radio website.4) FIll it in an submit it before 9am on Wednesday.

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