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JOE SEMAAN - Learn Faster, Dominate In Sales and New Education System with Sam Bakhtiar

By Sam Bakhtiar

For over a decade Joe Semaan has dedicated his career and life to helping others reach peak performance in the business and sales world. Joe has mentored and spoken to over 300 organizations in over 20 industries including high rollers like Wells Fargo, Equinox, Microsoft, Bank of America and others in the financial, technological, professional and marketing services. Joe teaches his clients that in order to crush the competition, you need to be willing to increase knowledge and commit to the ongoing study of people's behavioral patterns, technology and mindset. It wasn't always easy... along the way he was broke and homeless twice, but instead of getting bitter, he got better! In January of 2006, Joe made a life long commitment to finding the hidden answers, secrets and knowledge that would soon launch thousands of other people and organizations to the next level! Being born and raised in a small part of Illinois by Lebanese parents, Joe realized the importance of acquiring money in order to live an easier and more sustainable life. As an adult, Joe struggled with dead end jobs and depression from his surrounding living situation, so he packed up and moved to LA. Having little cash in his pocket, he lived out of his car for over 4 months! It's amazing to think that someone who went from being homeless and searching for a sustainable income, became a TOP rated leader that DOMINATES in Sales and teaches thousands of others how to scale themselves further! In this podcast Joe dives into his process and gives top advice to dominating in your own life. I don't want to reveal too much, but Joe has a big treat that he's giving to our 1% audience and I'd hate for you to miss out! Check it out now, and don't get left behind! -SB Thank you for watching this video, please share it and get the word out! What part of this video resonated with you the most? Comment below! SUBSCRIBE TO SAM'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👉 → → CONNECT WITH SAM BAKHTIAR ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM l ▶︎ FACEBOOK l ▶︎ TWITTER l ▶︎ WEBSITE | ▶︎ MY BOOK | ▶︎ ONE PERCENT NUTRITION | ▶︎ THE CAMP TC FRANCHISE | ▶︎ SPOTIFY | ▶︎ ITUNES | FOLLOW JOE ON INSTAGRAM 👉Joe Semaan - -------------------- 2:40 why being from a refugee family isn't a set back 6:18 Joe's first move into entrepreneurship 12:49 why i got into coaching 13:46 Pain is the universes way of forcing you to make decisions 15:21 Here's Why Joe Is A 1%er 16:40 Channeling Frustration 17:45 I Wasn't Comfortable With Myself 22:00 You Are Constantly Blessed 26:53 No Such Thing As Bad Soldiers Only Bad Generals 30:00 Catch Yourself Before You Make An Assumption 31:00 Learn To Humble Yourself 34:24 YOU AIN'T THAT GOOD 36:20 Care For The Person Not The Paycheck, RESULTS 37:26 Zombies Everywhere 38:00 Be Unique, Get Results 40:32 Do Not Sell, Understand and be Understood 43:07 Experience Is The Slowest Way To Learn 43:44 Do Not Compete, Dominate 44:40 Fast Learning V Slow Learning 46:13 My Bigger Dream 47:43 WAKE UP FROM THE DIVERSION 49:18 Cursing V Profanity 50:20 Common Sense Isn't So Common P.S Let me know in the review section what you thought about the amazing Joe Coach! Share us with your friends and family, and never forget what being a 1%er is all about!

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