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Social media and real life. Is what you see always what you get? #10

By Nate Maingard

Today's episode of Getting Naked With Nate dives into the question of whether or not social media is real life. Also, is social media helping or hurting us?As you know, everything I say is my own opinion, which I am totes open to changing, so feel free to send new ideas, info and perspectives my way, in the comment below!Show Notes:* The unedited video version of this episode will be up so soon, right here.* Links to music* Flo Perlin* Oh Sister* Nate Maingard (yup, that's me)* Links to interesting articles* Americans spend an average of 4.7 hours a day on social media.* An interesting article on Wanderlust about social media vs real life.* How social media platforms are built to addict us.* Tools and support* Time Well Spent group on facebook (yay for the positive social media experience).* Moment* this is the app I mentioned, was meant to say 'Freedom', got the name wrong, whoops. Moment helps with getting over phone addiction, so it's super useful too, for reals!* Freedom* this is the app I meant to share too, which blocks off certain social media and other sites at times you set.Tweets from peeps:'Real life is not social media and social media is not real life.' Might do a podcast on this. Pls share your ideas, feelings & questions — Nate Maingard (@NateMaingard) September 26, 2017Most millenials dont see the difference watch them in a group at a school bus stop etc all on their phones no talking just alone in a group— big mamma1 (@bigmammab1) September 26, 2017Social media is the life people want us to see. I have met some of my best friends through social media so I actually love it...— kettleclock (@kettleclock1) September 26, 2017Real live people are on Social Media. So it's real life. Things said here can hurt people. It's not a fake world where you can saw anything.— RussEby (@RussEby) September 27, 2017I agree totally!! The peeps I want real relationships with..never add them on social media..just to keep it real..— tatiyana newyniak (@quirkyqreations) September 26, 2017Consider talking about empathy/sympathy fatigue due to all the things seen on SM which then diminishes ability to respond to something close— Shiva Prasad (@shivamdprasad) September 26, 2017Until next time!Awesome-sauce,Support the show.

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