Introducing “Waiting for Liberty”

By Farsighted Creative

The 100 year anniversary of the 19th Amendment is coming up, but who actually knows the history of the women’s suffrage movement? Host Maggie Hart sits down with over a dozen prestigious experts in suffrage history to unpack the heroism and racism, victory and failure, empowerment and rage, and just about everything in-between. Our amazing experts include Dr. Allison Lange, Barbara F. Berenson, Christina Wolbrecht, Dr. Corinne Field, Dr. Ellen Carol DuBois, Erin Geiger Smith, Dr. Kimberly Hamlin, Dr. Liette Gidlow, Dr. Lisa Tetrault, Dr. Martha S. Jones, Dr. Robyn Muncy, Dr. Sally McMillen, Dr. Susan Ware, and Tina Cassidy. Subscribe to catch the premiere of Episode 1 on August 18th!

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