#55 - Seeing Before Showing: An Interview with Sara VanDerWerf

By Kyle Pearce & Jon Orr

This week we chat with Sara VanDerWerf, former K-12 Math Lead with Minneapolis Public Schools who taught grades 7 through 12, the President of the Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and independent mathematics consultant. Lean in as we chat with Sara about her journey from being a fast “calculator” in her own K through 12 learning experience to focusing on making student thinking visible in the classroom. We can’t wait to dive into Sara’s backstory as well as some great tips and resources for your own teaching practice.     You’ll Learn:  How to help students see it before you show them and say it before you tell them;  Why asking kids to notice and wonder is so important as well as how to lead this protocol successfully in your own classroom;  Why Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces (VNPS) are so helpful in math class; How to use Stand and Talks as an easy way to get kids moving and promote mathematical discourse in your classroom; and,  What the difference is between focusing questions and funnelling questions.    Resources:  Sara VanDerWerf.com [Website]  John Hattie on Inquiry Based Learning.  Add annie fetter’s ignite  Curiosity Path Stand and Talks Episode 21: Peter Liljedahl Why I believe cell phones should be in the math classroom [ BLog post] Chris Luzniak [Debate Math]  Backwards bikeCatch the replay of our webinar: 5 Reasons Students Struggle with Word Problems & What We Can Do To Fix It. What we learned: What prevents students from applying their prior knowledge and understanding when solving word problems;How we can transform our current curriculum resources into engaging experiences;

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