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The Underground Japanese Music Scene feat. Ian F. Martin

By Tofugu

Get more from us at: Michael and Jamal sit down to talk with music journalist and label owner, Ian F. Martin, about the Japanese underground rock scene as detailed in his new book “Quit Your Band!”. As a journalist, Ian has written for presitgious publications such as The Guardian and The Japan Times, is an avid blogger and has been in the Japanese underground music scene for 10+ years. As a label owner, he is able to offer a unique insight into both sides of the music scene in Japan as a member of the media and a passionate patron of the art. Learn about the intricacies of navigating the underground scene as an outsider, the present state of said scene, and the sometimes harsh reality of the Japanese music industry itself. This a must listen for casual fans and aspiring rockstars alike. Ian's Most recent label releases: * Nakigao Twintail - They're the band whose song lyrics gave me the idea for the book title and they're great. Wacked-out, oddball punk. * Lo-shi - The most recent release on the label. They're both French guys, but very much "made in Tokyo". Instrumental post-rock/electronica. * Looprider - Probably the most eclectic and prolific band I've worked with recently. Everything from J-Pop to hardcore to shoegaze to metal to noise to progressive rock. * Hyacca - They're participating in a short Canadian tour in May. Smart, imaginative, really intense postpunk. * Bumbums - "Tokyo-based pocket-Fugazi". Album coming soon-ish. * P-IPLE - Noise-punk party band. Album on its way. Ian's recent favorites: * Panicsmile - Experimental punk/alternative. * Falsettos - Off-kilter indie rock/new wave. * Soloist Apartment/Second Apartment - Minimal wave/industrial. * Jailbird Y - Heavy, loud noise-rock. * Rebel One Excalibur - Really tight, drilled post-hardcore. * Sonotanotanpenz - Fragile-sounding, playful experimental acoustic music with intricate vocal interplay. Ian's favorite venues in Tokyo: * Koiwa Bushbash * Akihabara Club Goodman * Shinjuku Motion * Shimokitazawa Three * Higashi-Koenji Ni-man/Den-atsu (20000V) * Higashi-Koenji UFO Club More Ian Martin * Get Ian's Book, "Quit Your Band:" * Twitter: * His Label: * Soundcloud: iTunes: Google Play:

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