Aisha Adkins


Aisha Adkins is the Constituency Organizer for Caring Across Generations and Co-Executive Director of Love Labor Project. She has provided care for her parents off and on since 2006 but officially became a caregiver when her mother was diagnosed with dementia in 2013. Aisha joins How We Got Here to talk about her first exposure to caregiving at the age of seven and how the desire to help others has got her where she is today in both her caregiving and professional life. She reflects on the moments of her caregiving journey that taught her how to ask for help and how to advocate for her parents in various care settings. Aisha and Chris talk about how racial and gender identity inform and affect caregiving experiences. Aisha, in describing on a close personal loss, reflects on expectations versus reality when it come to memorializing the ones we love on the anniversaries of their deaths. Click here to register for Love Labor Project's virtual meet-ups for caregivers, which happen every other Saturday at 10am CT. This season of How We Got Here is sponsored by Anthem.

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