Insomnia, Tools to get to sleep! Sondra Kornblatt

By Monica Vandermeer

As a personal and sleep coach, Sondra guides people who feel depleted and empty to connect with their authentic selves, creating a fuller life of kindness and purpose. Her work includes helping people exhausted from sleep issues and stress get the rest they need, heal what’s underneath, and go after their dreams. Her 7 Pathways teaches clients how to change their relationship with body, mind, emotions, bigger picture, and more. She uses disciplines such as somatic healing, energy awareness, yoga, and hypnosis. The author of four books on sleep, brain function, and energy, Sondra has presented at Microsoft and Seattle Counselors’ Association, and appeared on many podcasts.Offers:Download a free PDF and audio, Your First Steps Towards Deeper Rest. Discover new perspectives on sleep, and Sondra will guide you on a restful tour of your body. Are you interested in how working with Sondra might help? She offers for a free 30-40 minute consultation  to assess your struggles with resting and being your authentic self. She offers new perspectives and will share some tools and next steps to help you move forward. If you both feel there is a good fit, you can talk about options to work more deeply together. She loves these conversations, so reach out if you’re curious.

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