From MBA to Tech: Amazon Program Manager Mark Buakaew // Ross 2019 // Season 2 - Episode 1

MBAsians: The Asian MBA Podcast

Mar 9

30 min 51 sec

Learn more about the Amazon Program Manager role from Mark Buakaew, a Ross MBA graduate from 2019. In this episode, Mark will share his day-to-day life as a program manager in Amazon, and how he overcomes the challenges that he faced as an international employee in the US.

Meet MarkMark Buakaew graduated from the Ross MBA program in 2019 and joined Amazon as a Sr. Program Manager in the inbound supply-chain organization. He is an operation-focus professional with extensive experience in construction, software, and technology. Prior to the MBA, he worked for a construction company in Thailand for almost 4 years. He developed and executed construction plans for four industrial and factory projects and managed product design and launch of new ERP software across organization. In this episode we talk about: Amazon and Program Manager position overview Challenges for working in the US How an MBA can help you succeed atAmazon

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