Episode 98, Berlin: Musa Okwonga

The Trip

Aug 2020

57 min

Musa Okwonga's upcoming novella In the End, It Was All About Love is a gorgeous meditation on being a foreigner, and a Black man, in today's Berlin. It's why I wanted to start The Trip's five episodes in Berlin with him: for a relatively recent arrival, he communicates the city on a deep and lyrical level. So we sat together (pre-COVID) in my friend's house in Berlin, drank several Moscow Mules, and talked about schnitzel, football, and what Musa calls the psychogeography—emotion imbued even into the cobblestone—of Germany's capital. Show notes: Stadio: A Ringer football podcast hosted by Musa Okwonga and Ryan Hunn Musa on Instagram Rough Trade Books (you can pre-order Musa's novella here in November) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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