Sales, Marketing and the Entrepreneur – Steve Brown – The Golden Toilet

By Jay Izso

As an entrepreneur we typically are idea people.  Some of us are sales people, but it seems like the more entrepreneurs I interview the more I see their creative side than their sales side.  Sometimes it appears to be an attitude of, "if I build it, they will come".  The truth is many entrepreneur types not only have a problem with selling they have a problem with sales people in general.  And sometimes with good cause.  For example, have you heard sales people use the word "leads" to refer to human beings.  It is a label.  And as we know about labels when we place a label on a person we change them from a human to a "thing". The fact is entrepreneurs need to wear may hats.  They are the CEO, the marketer, the sales person, the negotiator, the HR department, the book keeper, and so many roles.  Sometimes it is difficult to prioritize and know what is important.  Many times our emotions and lack of skills and knowledge can get in the way of our own productivity and profitability.  In this episode of A New Direction After Party (chats after the show is over), Steve Brown author of  The Golden Toilet helps us figure out some of our own thoughts and beliefs that come with being an entrepreneur. The book "The Golden Toilet is full of great information for not only the entrepreneur, but also for the sales person, the marketing person, the manager, the CEO and anyone who has a desire to make your way in the right way.  Steve Brown having been with us before has become one of the most listened to guests on the show and The Golden Toilet is a book that you should read as part of your 2021 goals for growth. Please reach out to the sponsors of A New Direction and thank them for their financial support! EPIC Physical Therapy is where I go when I am injured, or just want to feel better for my aches and pains.  But you know who else uses EPIC pt?  Professional Athletes and Athletes of all ages.  They have the cutting edge equipment combined with the superior knowledge to customize a treatment program for you!  When you are ready for EPIC Relief, EPIC Recovery, and EPIC Results head on over to EPIC Physical Therapy – Linda Craft & Team, Realtors, for 35 years Linda has been building relationships with people one person at a time.  And today she and her team are still building real lasting relationships with her clients.  They fully understand that the power of the home you own is the memories you make in your home.  While you may forget the details of the construction of the home, you will never forget all the significant events that made an impact on your life.  It is that dedication to relationships with her clients that continue to keep her at the top of the real estate charts, why her clients refer her and her team, and why they say LCT has “Legendary Customer Service”.  Why not check out the Legends of relationship….go to

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