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Ep. 049: Promoting NJ Shows w/ Benny Horowitz (Gaslight Anthem)

By Mike Doyle

Benny Horowitz was a show promoter at the Manville, NJ Elks Lodge back in the late 90s. You also might know him from his bands Mercy Union and Gaslight Anthem.  I obviously heard of Gaslight but had no idea he promoted shows until Roadie Extraordinaire, Monkey Cipriano filled me in and then made an intro. Benny was more than excited to spend close to 2 hours talking about the scene. Fun fact, this interview was going to be a 2 parter because we had to end the first part of the interview and continue a week later. However, since I have a special guest for Episode 50, I decided to keep this as one interview. Plus, this is a podcast so suck it up. I got Benny on the phone, twice, and this is what we talked about: Gaslight Anthem’s current status Ricky Saporta The Morris County Youth Crew His thoughts on Manville, NJ Drinking at Elks Lodges Crazy show stories John Hiltz doing sound E-Town Concrete broken mic story Monkey The World Famous Roadie Dealing with band contracts Earth Crisis How a 16-year-old kid prints flyers with he’s broke The magic of pagers The ABA The Fantasy baseball league And a ton more Before we begin, this week’s episode is sponsored by my new book “How To Get Divorced. A Guide for people currently going through some shit.” You can download a free copy at If you’d like to support the podcast you can donate as little as $1 a month through Patreon by going to and click on the button at the top of the page that says Click HERE FOR BONUS MATERIAL. As a Patron, you get access to bonus material that regular podcast subscribers do not.  OR you can do a one-time donation by clicking the DONATE button. 

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