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Episode 136– How I Learned To Embrace Fear and Lean In To Stress

By Chris Cooper & Greg Strauch

Whether you are starting a brand new business or you are having to go back and make difficult changes, either way, you are going to have to embrace stress and lean into challenging events. Today I want to talk about my experiences working through struggles and some tips for how to handle difficult situations. First, your body doesn’t know the difference between fear and excitement. The bodies default response when it comes to surging adrenaline is to be scared. A lot of times all that is needed is to recognize that you are just excited and take control. Second, I want you to know that anticipation is often worse than the actual event. Many times your mind will go to the worst case scenario and then when a tough situation actually happens, it’s not so bad. If you can choose when to do the hard thing, choose to do it right now. The hard part is the anticipation. Third, put the event into perspective. Will you remember this event in a year? There was a time when I was extremely susceptible to online feedback and it would absolutely tear me up. In reality this was extremely ridiculous and the fact that if got under my skin is just silly. Keeping things in perspective in all aspects of your life is extremely important. It is important to ask yourself, am I going to remember this in a year? Timeline: 0:30 – Changing up the Two Brain Incubator Program 2:43 – How to handle struggles in your business 4:50 – Lean into the scary stuff and embracing stress 6:41 – The anticipation of a tough situation is often times much worse than the event itself 7:38 – Putting important life and business events into perspective 11:38 – The secret to why Two Brain has become so successful 13:09 – Two Brain Stories with Kalle Solberg

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