ep 9 - Karen Norris

By Lauren Kheir

Welcome to this week's episode of the Green Room with Lauren Kheir, your weekly insight into the lives and careers of some of Australia’s be theatre and film designers.This week we chat with theatre lighting designer Karen Norris! who's work has lit up numerous theatre world wide throughout dance, theatre and live events! Over the years I have been personally mentored and inspired by the work that Karan does and think that she will inspire you as well!The Green room with Lauren Kheir is proudly supported by Australian Production Design GuildThis episode was Hosted by Lauren Kheir and Edited by Olivia O’FlynnCan’t wait to hear more about Aussie theatre and film design, you don’t have to wait! You can catch us on facebook and instagram.check out Karen's profile on the Bangarra website. Head to our the APDG website to learn more about the amazing things they do for Australian Production Design community.

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