Adam Crompton Part 2 S3 E4: A Year in Review

By Luca Olias

Today is the first returning guest and great friend of mine, Adam Crompton! Adam's a DJ who I've know and been friends with for many years now and we sat down to discuss the year that's passed as we closed in on a year since we recorded episode 1 of Guards of Eden together. We start by discussing my first year podcasting and finish with Adam's first season in Magaluf and what he's learned over the past year. You can find Adam through his social media links below: Adam's Instagram:'s Spotify Page: stamps:0:00 - Intro2:25 - Growth 3:33 - Confidence in talking and applying it to real life4:42 - Planning and organising8:38 - Uncomfortable questions9:32 - Reflecting on episode with Domenique in season 211:47 - Bringing out the best in guests13:10 - Expectations15:05 - Has Luca met his goals he set?17:38. - Integrity and remaining humble19:00 - Difficulties with promoting a product for your business21:06 - Stumbling across success and opportunities22:30 - Finding guests for the podcast24:58 - What criteria does someone have to fit to be a guest?26:04 - Running themes; Mental health27:43 - Inspiring yourself and others28:59 - Therapeutic benefits in conversations with guests31:01 - Dream celebrity guests32:45 - Reasons why Luca began the podcast series with Adam33:33 - Part 233:53 - Special songs and moments36:44 - One year on from moving to Spain to DJ37:30 - Focused mindset, removing doubts39:05 - How it feels to work in a holiday island40:10 - Making an impact on peoples holiday41:40 - Highlights of the summer44:58 - Challenges with health & working so much46:48 - Importance of learning & working with/from other DJs49:45 - Friendships50:30 - Growth as a person51:33 - Self-confidence52:20 - Being in control of your destiny52:42 - Promotion53:30 - Final 4 questions55:05 - Summary

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