Season 2 Episode 12: Youth Work Abroad with David Bunce

By Jenni Osborn

Hello and welcome to season 2 of the Jenni Talks podcast. In this season we are going to focus on conversations with people about creating new opportunities, communities and spaces for young people & youth workers to engage with as a result of the pandemic. My book, From Isolation to Community: Youth Work in the Covid Era and Beyond which captures a snapshot of what has been happening in this past year is available now. In it I have recorded the stories of many people working with young people across the UK during the pandemic, we will be hearing from some of these same youth workers but also from others who I’ve come across who are doing some amazing things to engage, enable and encourage young people to really thrive despite all the restrictions that have been put on us in these pandemic times. You can buy the book by going to my website and clicking on one of the options there. One of my passions has been supporting those who work with young people and this was part of the aim of the book, to showcase and reflect on the work that’s happening up and down the country. I also offer mentoring for youth workers, regular sessions over a 6 month period to support youth workers in their roles, acting as a sounding board, as an encourager to make small changes or to think different things through. If you’re interested in mentoring or having conversations about the themes from the book then I am available for book clubs, for resourcing and reflecting with your team or for encouraging youth workers to consider the impact of this pandemic and how we can move forward. You can get in touch via the website. This episode is a conversation with David Bunce who has two roles, he heads up the Youth & Children’s Work in the Baptist Union in Austria as well as being a pastor of a local church in the village of Bad Ischl, near Salzburg. Church-based youth work has historically looked very different in Austria, as you’ll hear him explain. I find it fascinating having spent some time in Austria myself over a number of years, and always found myself wondering where the church is at work. It’s really encouraging to hear David’s enthusiasm, and desire to bring change whilst honouring the church’s traditions and ways of working. It’s worth highlighting the honourable mention for Margaret Pritchard Houston and her book on Children’s Spirituality called Beyond the Children’s Corner who came on this podcast a few months ago – Margaret, if you’re listening to this and can encourage your publisher to publish the book in German I know David would be hugely appreciative! I hope you enjoy this conversation and don’t forget to share! Contact details  David Bunce -  Twitter @davidbunce website Jenni Osborn Twitter @jenni_talks Facebook Instagram @jenni.osborn Email

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