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EP039: The Financial Rockstar - Scott Alan Turner

By Chris Peach

Scott Alan Turner is a debt-free millionaire and the host of his own podcast, The Scott Alan Turner Show. Scott once started out as a self-proclaimed money moron and has completely reshaped the way he approaches his life and money. There is one very interesting thing he did to pay off his mortgage early, which I will let him explain inside the episode. For the past year, Scott’s show has been one of a few podcasts I find myself listening to over and over again. His philosophy on debt, savings, budgeting, building wealth, and retiring early often beg me to ask the question: “Are we long lost cousins?” In the show, Scott talks about: His love for Metallica, cats, and money
 What he learned from Mom and Dad
 How he became a Money Moron
 Emergency Funds Dos and Don’ts
 Marriage and money
 Paying off mortgage in his 30s
 Do you really want a paid off mortgage?
 At the end of the show, Scott provides all Money Peach listeners with a freebie BONUS! All the show notes, links, and anything Scott and I talked about can be found at

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