The power of authenticity and purpose in leadership with Alessio Miranda, Country Manager and CEO of ING Italia

Leading From Purpose Podcast

Dec 2020

29 min 15 sec

“At a point, [purpose] occasionally becomes – do I feel comfortable looking myself in the mirror?”Nine months ago, Italy, particularly Milan, was labeled the new epicenter of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The world was watching the dramatic impact the spread was having on the society, people, business and economy at large. In the midst, Alessio Miranda, newly appointed Country Manger and CEO of ING Bank Italia, was tasked with prioritizing the health and safety of 1,000 bank employees, all while maintaining the business. Through conviction of his purpose he lead with clarity and courage, resulting in ING Italia not only supporting its’ workforce mentally and physically, but they were named the second best bank in Italy, and are ending the year ahead of financial targets.If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to have the courage to take the hard right and speak to hearts and minds, check out this week’s episode with Alessio.

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