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Episode 4: Will Harris

By EPIC Provisions

If you’re interested in a deeper look at EPIC’s sourcing, this is the episode for you. Our main guest is Will Harris from White Oak Pastures, the gold standard of EPIC's ranching/farming partners.  We also chat with our very own Kirk Blanchard, EPIC’s Protein Sourcerer, who manages our partnerships with ranchers and farmers.   Will Harris is a fourth-generation rancher who’s seen both sides of the industry.  He spent much of his early career running White Oak Pastures as a conventional, industrial farm, but for the past 20 years has adopted practices that have made him recognized as a leader in the regenerative agriculture movement.   Will and I cover the following topics and plenty more in only the way Will Harris can… His switch from industrial farming to regenerative agriculture Why my lawn looks like shit Why today’s food “revolution” is dependent on the consumer Why the NYTimes and NPR’s Planet Money recently visited the farm Will’s disdain for big company cowardice For this week’s Inside EPIC we’ll chat with Kirk about how his journey with EPIC, how the heck he sources nearly a dozen species for EPIC’s animal kingdom, and the work we’re doing to impact America’s grasslands.  

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