1 — MacBADth & beth

ICKipedia Theatre

Nov 2020

1 hr 18 min

We begin our journey into The Western Canon™ with a classic, lauded by scholars and audiences alike as perhaps one of the best pieces of theatre in existence, Shakespeare's Macbeth. Except we've made it terrible in the best way. This episode features excerpts from playwright Alex Lin's "beth," an adaptation of Macbeth which takes place in a high-powered STEM high school where our eponymous heroine (and everyone she knows) works toward her ultimate goal: the Intel Science and Engineering Fair's $75,000 grand prize.

"MacBADth" adapted by Lauren D'Errico, directed by Brandy N. Carie featuring performances by Alec Seymour, Amara Pedroso Saquel, Ben Barnett, Brittany Liu, Carol Jeong, Jasmine Thomas, Jazmine Cornielle, Jillian Sun, and Phoebe Holden

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