Tokenism is NOT Transformation w Chuck Warpehoski

By Michelle Shireen Muri

Whether as a well-meaning convener of community efforts to help or as part of a community which is asked to help and then treated poorly, many of us can see ourselves in this episode. This show featured useful definitions and examples - here are links for content mentioned in the show (and check out our new Patreon page now!):Michelle talks with Chuck Warpehoski DEI Consultant at ChangeWorks LLC, and former City Councilman in Ann Arbor, MichiganChuck was also the ED of the Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice for 16 yearsReferences: “Fleur” is Fleur Larsen, recent guest on S1:E3 of The Ethical RainmakerCommunity-Centric Fundraising is a movement around building new fundraising models grounded in equity and social justice. Tokenism: When a candidate for a position is symbolically chosen based on their demographic representation (bringing “diversity”, but the candidate is expected to act the same way, make the same decisions or ultimately oppress parts or all of themselves. Community as Unpaid Consultants: When community members who have a stake in the solution, are asked to share time, expertise and connections (consulting) without pay. Also mentioned: In these scenarios folx are often left out of the final decision-making process and they often don’t get to hear about the impact their unpaid labor had.The Akimbo Workshops by Seth Godin were the catalyst for both the creation of this podcast and for Chuck and Michelle connectingChuck partners with Nuola Akinde of Kekere Freedom School...and mentioned the work of and mentorship from anti-racist educator and storyteller La’Ron WilliamsYes, he mentioned racism in Dr. Suess books which you should check outGratitude to Young-Chhaylee for letting us use their song “You Are Not Alone" throughout this episode - so sweet...find them on Insta or FB or Bandcamp!This is a brand new podcast and we could use all the help we can get! The best way to support us is by subscribing on your fav pod player, rating us, sharing it out to friends and colleagues or supporting this self-funded podcast through Patreon! Write us any time at or visit us at

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