Robert Wood - From the Thirst of the Earth

By Sunil Bhandari

Robert Wood's poetry is sonorous, uplifting and has embedded within it the smells, sounds, textures, bruises and memories of the ancient land he stays in. Robert lives in Boorloo on Noongar Country in the East Indian Ocean in Australia, but has roots in Kerala in India through his mother. His two books Redgate and A Guide to Field and Woods are a personal journey into the memory and reality of the indigenous life in Australia and the traces he finds in himself from India. Robert Wood is interested in love, community, and nature. He has been an editor, unionist, and teacher, and volunteered for prisoners, refugees, and student activists. Robert is currently the Creative Director of the Centre for Stories and the Chair of PEN Perth. Robert Wood is interested in enlightenment, dream, and people. He says - The Poet is made | of iron clay bronze rice pearl | but music | but stars | but loam ochre silk and | reef | saltwater woods filled with eels | snakes | beneath a surface seen by gulls who nest on the beach | be sea eagle in branch of tree | by moth red as dawn is rosy | everyday rise | the Poet | is made and made | again | is made This is Red Rivers Sessions presented to you by Uncut Poetry. In Red River Sessions, we  talk to published poets, about their poetry, their craft and what haunts them. It is brought to you by Red River, which is the premier independent publisher of poetry books and Uncut Poetry, a much-loved poetry podcast. Books by Robert Wood are available in Amazon, at and select bookstores.   Details of the music used in this episode are as follows: Sentimental Travel by MusicLFiles Link: License: Sentimental Cinematic Upbeat Trailer by MusicLFiles Link: License: Reaching The Sky  [Long Version] by Alexander Nakarada Link: License:

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