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Renegotiating Death and Dying with Susan Mercer

By Sarah Nannen

In this episode of the Grief Unveiled podcast I have guest Susan Mercer—a death doula and energy healer. Today’s topic is death, the transition of dying, and how we talk about it with our families and friends. It’s a topic that’s considered mysterious and taboo by many, which is why we approached it respectfully and with the utmost tenderness. As a death doula, Susan provides comfort and creates a sacred space around the dying one. Her role is to mindfully facilitate the emotional, physical, and informational support for the dying process and immediate aftermath for everyone involved in accordance with their preferences. Whether you’re supporting a beloved in hospice or taking the perhaps uncomfortable but important step of making plans for your own death, this episode is full of invaluable considerations and information to inform your decisions.   Topics we covered: What is a death doula and why might you choose to hire one. The socially normative medical and philosophical approach to death and what a more conscious and personal approach entails. The impact our disconnect from the dying process has on our healing. Options for support when someone is actively dying as well as the immediate aftermath. How (and why) to acknowledge the sacred transition of death in meaningful ways. How to consciously make your wishes and plans for your own death (or those you love) known and understood for implementation when the time comes.   Resources: International End of Life Doula Association - INELDA: Susan’s book, “A Graceful Goodbye: A New Outlook on Death.” Her website, where you can access a FREE 30 min. session with Susan! Connect with her on facebook!

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