How to Deal with Differing Perceptions of Covid-19?

One Take CEO Interviews

Oct 2020

20 min 21 sec

Covid-19 has created two worlds; those who are extremely concerned about catching Covid-19 and those who don't understand why businesses and other aspects of "normal life" aren't more open. In this segment of One Take CEO Interviews, Chad Nesbit of the business insurance firm Nesbit Agencies shares how his firm and some of his clients are dealing with this dilemma. He also shares how they're dealing with the inability to have those crucial, face-to-face meetings. One Take CEO Interviews are objective, unscripted, unedited discussions on how Minnesota CEOs are leading during the Covid-19 pandemic and its unprecedented impact on their operations, and the economy. They are produced by Dale Kurschner, a former award winning business journalist who today serves as a reputation management, strategic communication and PR consultant with Platinum Group, Minnesota's most experienced advisory group helping business owners and leaders with extreme challenges including turnarounds and crises.


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