Trailer: "Accelerated" Season 2 | The Future of Mobility

By Vitaly M. Golomb

As the pandemic began tightening its grip on the world in March of 2020, those who have been through a few economic cycles said, "here we go again". Borders closed, factories shut down, and everyone held their breath not knowing what’s next. Like many crises before, opened the door to opportunity. When work stopped, old supply chains faded away and opened the door to rebuilding with a vision for the future without the inertia of the past. On this second season of the podcast we are going to focus on one of the key industries that made a major pivot during the pandemic - the 5 trillion-dollar global transportation sector…. In this series, you will hear from some of the global leaders in everything electric and autonomous moving us quickly into the future.  The importance of government regulations and government stimulus to electrification. The race between China, Europe, and now the US. The real deal on autonomy. Future cars, electric planes, and even hyperloops. Season 2 of "Accelerated" launches in June with new episodes weekly! Support this podcast

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