#71. SOS, I'm Not Selling enough: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Fix It

The FastForwardAmy Show

Mar 29

35 min 6 sec

Heeeeelp! People are not buying. The SOS siren is echoing in the background, and Amy is here to rescue you whether your a business owner, salesperson, side hustler, or entrepreneur, and your offer is NOT SELLING. In this episode, Amy takes on the role of your coach, guiding you through 10 questions you should ask yourself if people are not buying and what to do about it. She uses the exact same questions whenever she's launching or has an inkling feeling that something isn't selling. Don't sweat it. Hang tight, and Amy will help you get your sales back on track. Do you prefer reading? Head to fastforwardamy.com/71 for this episode's blog post. Download Amy's Keys to Selling Online at www.fastforwardamy.com/sellingchecklist.

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