Episode 3: Higher Balance Meditation

By Eric Pepin

In this episode, Eric answers questions from new and experienced students about meditation. This session goes far beyond common concepts and reveals deeper insights. You will learn practical techniques that you can implement right away and have experiences that only long-term meditators have been able to achieve. Enjoy!   In this show we cover:  The difference between the Higher Balance Meditation and other meditation methods What is the Babbler and where does it come from How to prevent mind chatter from derailing your meditations The true meaning of non-thought and how you can achieve it What does the sixth sense have to do with meditation How can meditation change your life How to pick a meditation spot and other details that make all the difference in your meditations For more on these topics: Foundation – This is the must-have course for all spiritual seekers. To fully harness and develop the abilities of the mind, you must transcend normal meditation and discover the missing link.  The tools you’ll acquire in The Foundation will enable you to master these higher dimensions.  It’s time to discover Multi-Dimensional Meditation. Alisone – The universe is a pretty big place…unimaginably BIG! So, how can God be everywhere? It may be time to surrender that outdated image of an old man sitting on a cloud and replace it with a new, more universally realistic image.  Why use your physical 5 senses to experience a non-physical being? Babbler Beater – A track specifically designed to train your brain to nearly eliminate the frustrating babbler. Thought Reflection – Why do you think the way that you do? And how do your thoughts shape your life and spiritual development? Although thoughts seem to originate in your consciousness, many are not actually yours. Thought Reflection expands your mind to new levels of awareness. Discovering the One – Reveal the identities masquerading as your true self, The One, as Eric guides you through a unique meditation to a state of being where one can weave the very fibers of reality. Mastering the Mechanism – The physical body has many limits and must conform to the restrictions of the matrix. Here you become skilled enough to build another body – one that can slip past the restrictions of this reality and begin exploring the next. Reverse Engineering The Self – What is it about the spiritual master that makes them a master? Explore how spiritual progression works, learn to think with a higher form of intelligence and jumpstart the evolution of your consciousness. Meditation Within Eternity – This is Eric’s second spiritual bestseller that contains methods to gain unlimited spiritual energy, the missing link to accessing higher consciousness and easy meditation techniques for real spiritual growth. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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