Episode #21 with Miguel Figueres

The Smart Betting Club Podcast

Sep 17

1 hr 6 min

An interview with Spanish bettor, Miguel Figueres on his usage of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to win money betting on Tennis.Using the algorithm, Miguel grew a bank of 200 Euros into 8000 Euros with one bookmaker, which then led to him setting up the Hall of Fame rated service, Winner Odds for other users to back each of the value tennis bets his program uncovered. With over 5 million Euros won by his customers since 2016, we discuss all aspects of this service, how it all works and just who it is suitable for. As a successful bettor, Miguel has been impacted by bookmaker account restrictions and he also outlines his own legal battles with several bookmakers, including Bet365 where he is challenging the clauses they rely upon to limit accounts . Miguel and others have been engaged in an ongoing legal battle against these bookmakers since 2019 in Spain and he shares his experience on this process, what has taken place to date and his hopes for the future.He also provides insight into why Spain has become a central point for this fight against restrictions, plus examples of how you can use GDPR laws in the EU to have bookmakers delete your data as well as a successful case he won against 888bet.This is a must listen podcast for anyone interested in smart betting - especially if account restrictions have impacted you.Discover More:Learn more on the Smart Betting Club and how we help winning bettors at https://smartbettingclub.com/ - SBC membership also provides you with a 50 Euro discount on the cost of the Winner Odds service.Discover more on the Winner Odds service https://www.winnerodds.com/ SBC membership also provides you with a 50 Euro discount on the cost of the Winner Odds service.Follow Miguel on Twitter @miguel_figueres

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