How To Buy Turnkey Investments For Passive Income

By Connected Investors | Real Estate

Still wondering what the buzz is about investing in turnkey properties? Check out this special podcast for an explanation of turnkey real estate investing, and how to get started…Full FREE Real Estate Investing Training 👉 Notes + Gifts  👉   Tap Show More For A LOT More.Investing in real estate is critical. Yet, many have found it very expensive or confusing to get started in. Over the past ten years, investing in turnkey properties has become much more popular and accessible in America. It has been a top investment strategy for international, sophisticated, and affluent investors in other parts of the world for decades. Now it is here, and it may be just what you’ve been searching for.In this episode, Lane Kawaoka gives you turnkey real estate investing explained. He talks about why he got started, the amazing number of deals he’s done, why it is so attractive, and the steps to getting started.This episode is for you whether you’ve been hunting for your way into real estate investing, are already an accomplished investor but want to add better strategies to your mix, or you’ve just become less excited about what’s happening in your 401(k) and other investments and need a better option.Listen in now for all the details...Episode sponsor:👉 Let us know what you liked & want to learn more about!--------------------------------------There is a new marketplace for real estate investors many are calling the Pre-MLS! Search for deeply discounted properties in your area and learn how to Micro-Flip properties.👉 See It Here:📚Resources: (FREE Book on Funding Ross Mentioned)  (Show Notes + Gifts + Resources) (The social network for REI)  (House flipping APP)Support the show (

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