Could Abdominal Adhesions Be Thwarting Your Gut Health?

Dr. Ruscio Radio

Dec 2019

50 min 55 sec

Sometimes, bands of scar tissue—called adhesions—can form in your body and stick to your organs or tissues, as a result of surgery, trauma, or inflammation. This may cause complications like intestinal blockage, restricted breathing, or difficulty moving muscles. In the gut, SIBO, IBS, IBD, and conditions like hiatal hernia may be influenced by this restriction. Fortunately, a technique called visceral therapy (also known as visceral manipulation and massage) can help. In this episode, a specialist in visceral therapy, Dr. Jason Wysocki, shares his insights about how it works and who is most likely to benefit. My book Healthy Gut, Healthy You is available at Looking for more? Check out

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