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Sacred Science with Nick Polizzi

By JJ Virgin

Nick Polizzi created a documentary taking eight severely ill patients to the Amazon for thirty days to experience a natural healing using indigenous medicine — a journey through a both physically and mentally life-transforming experience. Listen to this outrageous trip, expand your perception, and even find the answers that traditional medicine has not been able to give you.   Key Takeaways: [:18] How far will you go to heal? [1:18] Nick Polizzi´s career [3:21] Tracking an indigenous medicine man in the amazon [3:59] The gurus in indigenous cultures [5:05] What is important in the ceremonies and rituals? [6:01] Confronting your own mortality [7:04] Adults more grounded; physically and mentally healthy. [7:22] The elders in different cultures [8:37] Rites of passage [9:31] Willingly putting yourself in discomfort is very powerful. [10:07] To force yourself to face fears. [10:56] Ancient wisdom and the contribution to health [11:41] Reverence for the medicine [12:41] Being thankful and connect with the medicine you are about to take [13:30] Documentary [14:35] Severely ill patients that were looking for anything to save their life [17:35] Remove any distraction you might have that would allow you to escape from who you really are. [18:34] You and nature, nothing else [18:50] Disease as an opportunity for spiritual growth [19:35] Confront thoughts. [20:10] What happened with the patients that participate with the documentary? [20:59] Biggest takeaway from the whole experience [21:25] Perception of death and dying [21:41] Shamans do not heal, but remove the blocks that prevent the patients from healing themselves. [23:00] What is the thing that you do everyday, that makes a big difference in your life? [24:56] Connectedness with everything around [25:51] Fear of giving up the person we think we are [26:44] Get into yourself, and just be. [27:15] [27:58] Have the right breakfast. [28:22] [28:40] Listeners’ questions [28:48] How do you stay healthy when travelling? [28:56] Habits give you freedom [29:02] What do you need to pack? [30:01] Burst training [30:50] Room away from the elevator [31:04] Facebook page JJVirgin fanclub   Mentioned in This Episode: Facebook page JJVirgin fanclub

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