Podcast 227 – Bad Syntax & The Darkitect

By BestDrumandBass.com

HAPPY FRIDAY! This week we have LA Native and the man behind the "Hidden Jungle" warehouse parties, THE DARKITECT! Also I drop some exclusive first listens to a forthcoming project for Abducted LTD, and a ton more of hypeness! LOCK IT IN AND LETS GO!YOU CAN NOW SUBSCRIBE ON SPOTIFY!http://bit.ly/spotify-bdnbSubscribe to the podcast on iTunes: http://bit.ly/bestdnbBad Syntax TracklistBad Syntax - Darkness [Abducted LTD - WORLD PREMIER]Smooth ft Coppa - Ride Out [Eatbrain]Audio - Darkseid [Snake Pit]Traced - The Reckoning [Kill Tomorrow]Ephyum - Athame [Bad Taste]The Clamps & Opsen - Interaction [Trendkill]Jahe - Radiation [Abducted LTD]Smooth - Devils Head [Eatbrain]Current Value - Photoelectric [Othercide]2Whales - Preacher [Red Light]Halflow - Relentless Funk [Lifestyle]Evol Intent & Des McMahon - The Skids [Evol Intent]Zaiaku - Pleasure & Pain [Abducted LTD - WORLD PREMIER]Smooth - Roly-Poly [Eatbrain]Mean Teeth - Infection [C4C]BSE & Nymfo - Perception [Blackout]KarmasynK - Through the Ages [C4C LTD]Halfow & Screamarts - Space Gang [Lifestyle]Hamn - Across the Sky [Abducted LTD - WORLD PREMIER]Smooth - Monster Inside [Eatbrain]Solar - Annihilate [Lost the Plot]DSP - Love Me [Symmetry]The Caracal Project - Blood Moon [Impact]Mean Teeth - Badman Sound [C4C]KarmasynK - Contemporary [C4C LTD]Binary - Projectile [Abducted LTD]Zombie Cats & Vegas - Void [Bad Taste]Droptek - Cyclic [Korsakov]Pythius - Thrawn (Mindscape RMX) [Blackout]Binary - Quarantine [Abducted LTD]Mean Teeth - Dust to Dust [C4C]A-Cray - Impulsive [Hoofbeats]Traced & HKay - Sonic Warfare [Kill Tomorrow]Evol Intent - The Ladies (Des McMahon RMX) [Evol Intent]Pythius - Suspect (Synergy RMX) [Blackout]Velos & NLIC - Unseen Force [Abducted LTD - WORLD PREMIER]"Bad Tunes" of the weekNymfo & Arkaik - Curry [Dispatch]Qo & The Clamps - Krieg [Hoofbeats]Akov &Multiplex ft Urso - U Want It [Eatbrain]Pythius - Monster Black Hole (Merikan RMX) [Blackout]Zombie Cats & Vegas - Void [Bad Taste]The Darkitect TracklistIll Truth - The Owl [Blendits Audio]Foreign Concept & Monty - Ron Millonario [Critical Music]Ed-it - Replicants [Critical Music]Fearful - Premonition (Amoss remix) [Self release - Fearful]Vicious Circle - Bleak (Original mix) [DSCI4]Lewis James - Your Love Is A Power (feat. DanDansK) [Astrophonica]Jubei - The Path (Skeptical_Remix) [Ingredients Records]Dephzac - Difusor (Sayko Remix) [Self release - Dephzac]Invadhertz - Anxiety VIP [Delta9 Recordings]Koherent - Cougar [Flexout Audio]Noisia & The Upbeats - Shibuya Pet StoreCamel, Symplex - Twilight (Original) [Santoku Records]The Darkitect (P.dark) - That Way [High Ord3r Drum & Bass]Muffler - Mindgames (Dabs Remix) [Citrus Recordings]Amoss - Flex [Renegade Hardware]Document One - UH HUH [Technique Recordings]Vicious Circle, Jubei - Cloak & Dagger [Modulations]Mean Teeth - Nine Lives [Red Light Records]Current Value - Influx [Invisible]The Darkitect (P.dark) - Love Lies (Darkitect remix) [High Ord3r Drum & Bass]Gydra - Problem [Eatbrain]Current Value - Happy Mode [Bad Taste Recordings]The Darkitect (P.dark) - Darkitect (Title track - EP) [High Ord3r Drum & Bass]Follow The DarkitectFB: https://www.facebook.com/DJPDark67/IG: https://www.instagram.com/the_darkitect/Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/p-darkPodcast: http://SanctuarySoundSystem.tvMixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/DJPDark/Bandcamp: https://thedarkitect.bandcamp.com/Hidden Jungle (events): http://www.hiddenjungle.laPodcast now available also on these platforms: Google Play | iHeartRadio | Tunein| StitcherBad Tunes of the week official Spotify PlaylistFollow my "Bad Tunes" of the week playlist on Spotify (newest at the bottom): http://bit.ly/badtunesFollow Abducted LTDFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/abductedltdBeatport: http://bit.ly/abductedltdDownload / Listen to our weekly podcasts (every friday)(Soundcloud) http://bit.ly/ltdpodcast or (iTunes) http://bit.ly/bestdnbFollow Bad SyntaxFacebook: facebook.com/badsyntaxdnbListen to the NOISIA RADIO world premier of Dose - Cultivate (Bad Syntax & HANM RMX)Check out Bad Syntax & Tobax - Switch out now on Mayan: http://www.mayanaudio.com/Summer_Drum_&_Bass_2018_MYN029Keep up to date on the Best Drum and BassFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/bestdrumandbassSubscribe on iTunes: http://bit.ly/bestdnbWeekly Broadcast Thursdays 9pm PST: https://www.twitch.tv/bestdrumandbasswww.bestdrumandbass.comPodcast available on these platforms: iTunes - http://bit.ly/bestdnbSpotify - http://bit.ly/spotify-bdnbGoogle Play - http://bit.ly/bdnb-gplay iHeartRadio - http://bit.ly/bdnb-ihrTunein - http://bit.ly/bdnb-tunein Stitcher - http://bit.ly/bdnb-stitcherDownload Concord Dawn - Morning Light ( Bad Syntax Bootleg ) for free on SoundcloudDownload TC - GTFU (Bad Syntax Remix) for free on SoundcloudDownload Bad Syntax & Hanm - #Wienersout for free on SoundcloudBroadcasting LIVE on Facebook at 9pm PST every ThursdayPreview & Comment on Soundcloud (Subscribe to the podcast for first access!) [COMING SOON!]

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