071 At the flicks 2019 Review

By At the Flicks

After the last couple of shows which have focused on listeners and contributors favourite films of 2019, it is now time for the At The Flicks team to put theirs together. It wasn’t easy! The period of creating and comparing the three lists ended up in Game Of Thrones style intrigue. Jeff threatened to release incriminating photos unless his picks were selected. This plan backfired when he realised Neil and Graham actually had even more incriminating photos of him. The one of him sitting there in his Marvel Pjs, watching the Marvel film cycle on repeat will now not be published. At least, not yet…. After all that, we finally agreed on a top ten – here it is. We would love to hear your opinion about this list. But wait, that is not all. We have also included in our review of the year show the following: Obituaries : 6 key obituaries from 2019 that had an impact on the team.  Awards : Want to know which movie won the Mel Gibson award of the year and what won the Heaven’s Gate award for the most embarrassing failure – then check out this show. 2020 – We give our take on what is coming which cannot be missed in 2020. Relax, enjoy the show and have a great movie going 2020.

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