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Episode 14 - Satan on the Silver Screen

By Black Mass Appeal

Lights... Camera... Satan! Your Black Mass Appeal hosts go over their favorite portrayals of Lucifer on the big screen. Simone, Tabitha, Daniel, and Jane also cover what they think are the worst acting turns for the Dark Lord, and the actors they wish would take on the role. Plus, a new development in the Missouri reproductive rights case, our trip to the Womens' Marches in San Francisco and Oakland, and whether or not Bronies suffer from more stigma than Satanists. Praise, condemnation, questions, and your favorite film Satan can be sent to LINKS Pacific Standard, “Satanists Just Made It Easier To Get an Abortion In MO” Jane's favorite: The Ninth Gate (1999) Daniel's favorite: The Story of Mankind (1957) The movie with Daniel's actual favorite devil – spoilers for a 1995 horror "tale" from a certain "neighborhood" Tabitha's favorite: Legend (1985) Simone's favorite: Constantine (2005) Peter Stormare's weirdo Volkswagen commercials Jane's worst: Bedazzled (2000) That Encino Man GIF Daniel's worst: Winter’s Tale (2014) Tabitha's worst: End of Days (1999) Simone's worst: Devil’s Advocate (1997) Actor Jeffrey Jone's "legal troubles" Jane's wishlist: Seth MacFarlane Daniel's wishlist: Peter Dinklage Tabitha's wishlist: Angelina Jolie and/or Winona Ryder and/or Natalie Portman Simone's wishlist: Dames Judi Dench (Chronicles of Riddick) and/or Maggie Smith The Club Dumas by Arturo Perez-Reverte GET IN TOUCH Facebook Twitter Instagram Patreon LEARN MORE Satanic San Francisco Satanic San Francisco Facebook The Satanic Temple  

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