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Neurosurgery, Plumbing Disasters, and Meditation

By Kelly Nerdzilla Mendenhall

For you, it's only been two weeks since we recorded and released an episode. For the Non Moms, it has been four weeks. Time is so weird. Our producer has an official pseudonym. You can follow him on Instagram as @Wade.Freeman. Do it. Give him production feedback. It'll be great. (He's going to hate us, which is hilarious.)This week you can hear all about Kelly's (successful) neurosurgery and hospital experience (so much tragic comedy); Debbie Jo's new meditation and gratitude practices; Kelly's plumbing disaster which of course took place just days after the neurosurgery; our birthdays! That's right, we're both officially older and neither of us is totally comfortable with it. This episode, in other words, is a journey through some serious real life, a few disasters, a little bit of success, and a whole lot of fun. Join us next week when we'll have new research for you! We love y'all so much. Thanks for being here. Also, please consider checking out our patreon at and becoming a patreon for as little as $3 a month! (We'll send you mail that's not bills. How fun is that?!)

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