DT 101: Defy Outside Expectations with Derrick "DJ" Townsel

By Henry Winslow, Yoga Student and Teacher

Derrick “DJ” Townsel (@dade2shelby) is a former NFL athlete and currently an Orlando-based yoga teacher, health coach, and personal trainer. DJ recently competed on Season 1 of NBC’s The Titan Games with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, where much to his modest embarrassment, DJ was introduced as a “yoga master.” By sharing his journey and practice openly and enthusiastically, he inspires countless individuals worldwide, especially men and people of color, to take up a yoga practice for its physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.   In this episode, you’ll hear from DJ on:  [09.52] Carving out his own path. He recounts his unconventional route from NFL athlete to inspirational yoga teacher. He is happy to defy stereotypes and remains resolute in his determination to help others improve their fitness and discover their true selves through yoga.   [18.01] Yoga as his driving force. In addition to his impressive physical practice, Derrick is a passionate advocate for the emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga, which informs every aspect of his life.   [26.27] Competing in The Titan Games. DJ shares how he was able to make use of meditative breathing techniques to help him focus and still his mind whilst taking part in the show’s rigorous physical challenges.    [32.46] His advice to prospective yoga students.  For those who may feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about participating in a yoga class, DJ recommends creating a safe space on the mat, forgetting about other people and focusing on the practice.   [40.43] His unusual ambition. Inspired by his uncle, an influential teacher who set foot in each of the seven continents, Derrick intends to travel the world teaching yoga and vows to perform a handstand in every continent.     Announcements:  Visit https://www.henryyoga.com/masterclass to get your free 60-minute hatha vinyasa masterclass Follow @henryyoga.app on Instagram  Visit www.warriorbridge.com/teachertraining to learn more about their upcoming teacher trainings  Check out https://yogaeastaustin.com/forrestyoga/ to learn more about Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco’s weekend of workshops in Austin.  Visit https://henrywins.com/events/ to view all my upcoming workshops   Links from this episode:  The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield- Grab a copy of DJ’s recommended book Looking for your next book to read? Check out the list of every book recommended on Dharma Talk   Get in touch with DJ: Follow on @dade2shelby Instagram Visit https://www.dade2shelby.net   Support the Podcast: If you find this podcast valuable you can support it directly by visiting: henrywins.com/donate   Credits: Music by Momentology (@momentologymusic) Production and audio engineering by Ease of Mind

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