By Bob Corpening

For this, the final episode of Writer's Block, join me for a road  trip across the country and a journey with me and my family over the years! In today's story, follow Max and me as we travel to the ancient Cahokia Burial Mounds in St. Louis, Missouri. (If you haven't been, I cannot recommend the place enough; here's a link to their visitor's center website:  I want to give a special thanks to everyone who's listened to this series and supported this project of mine. It's been challenging in more ways than I can put here, not the least of which was just figuring out how to record and edit audio at all! But I'm really proud of this series and happy I got to do it, and share it with you. I'll be releasing a new series soon: Likely Stories, a talk series about stranger-than-fiction true life conspiracy theories, mixed in with some actually fictitious stories too! I'll hope to see you over there!

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