Jan 4

33 min 23 sec

The final episode of Season 1 is ending with a great adventure!We meet Markus and Jolle who both have an extended track record when it comes to sailing around the world and participating in prestigious events such as the Whitbread Round the World Race.But this time their goal is to cross the Atlantic in a rowing boat. 24 hours a day by taking shifts. 2 hours on, two hours off for 40-50 days, adding up to 1,5 Million oar strokes. Would YOU be up for it?The Top 5 key takeaways from their story:You don´t have to be the same as your friends or classmates. Come up with your own profile - think outside of the box. Be You!Share adventures with your friends. - it´s half of the fun!Adventures don’t always have to be huge and crazy but start with small things like taking a day off, backpacking across the shoreline of Helsinki, or having a cup of hot chocolate in the woods. Try different things when it comes to sports and the profession. Don´t worry that the decisions you have taken at some point, are final for the rest of your life. You can always change things again.Nobody has superpowers. If you have a goal - be determined to reach it. Even if you fail from time to time - dust yourself off and try again. Try to combine different skills and focus them on one objective or around your project.Ways to connect:https://tworowingfinns.fi/ 

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