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EP036: Innovate or Die, with Jason Beck

By Chris Peach

Jason Beck is the Founder and President of Tyr Tactical. Tyr Tactical creates and manufactures tactical equipment for the next generation warrior. They have the reputation of providing the absolute highest quality combat gear and body armor to both military and police personnel all over the world. Jason started his company from the ground up. I asked him to come on the show to share his truly amazing story of success. Jason comes from extremely humble beginnings, which I am so glad he decided to share with us at the last minute. In addition to sharing some painful memories, Jason also shares his very unique philosophy on the way you treat people and how building relationships is the backbone of his success. “You never know who the smallest guy will be that affects your business the most” Just like the rest of us, he has faced more than his fair share of challenges, AND HE NEVER GAVE UP. Today Tyr Tactical is a multi-million dollar business based in Peoria, Arizona, where they hit $20 million in sales for 2016. Innovate or Die is one of Jason’s Mantras and is hash-tagged all over his social media, business, and website. For more information about Jason, visit the show notes at  

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