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How Americans View The World [Season 4, Episode 27]

By Sheila Dee & Evo Terra - Skeptics & Third World Survivors

Listener Tiffany from Puerto Rico wants to know what we think about this racist, ignorant map that supposedly denotes how Americans really view the world. Now obviously, we don’t like it, and Tiffany wasn’t looking for us to confirm its accuracy. So we take it as a springboard to talk about the realities of terrible geographic knowledge that plagues American… and probably every other nationality. If you leave us a quick voicemail, we’ll play it -- with an actual answer -- on next week’s program. And if you want these episodes early and gain access to all of our bonus content, support us on Patreon. Or maybe you want a postcard? We have those, too. Crazy Computer Transcription Of The Audio We get a kick out of letting the PodcasterPro computer brain try to interpret our words every week. No, this isn't how transcripts of podcasting should be done, but it's funny! 00:00:00 We're he be get on a bus to do when they got up to go to Africa. What's wrong with you from rare year. You can take it. Oh, it's one tower. This one is one time. This is one on this one time. Oh my God, Just one time. You're going to be not question this week, my love from Tiffany, Paul, Reds, She writes, Hi, she though, And I'm not going to be Burrel. She says, Hi Shiboh. I recently saw a map on the Internet, which I have a close to this email message titled The world according to Americans. Since you are American world travelers, I would like to get your personal perspective of the map, especially These statements related to the countries you have already visited, looking forward to your response. Thank you very much. Tiffany Rama. Put the reco is where Tiffany is from now. Obviously, you can't see this map will put a link through the map in the show notes. So if you're listening, I'd just scroll down your lessening notes which should be in the app if not get a better podcast app and click on this map. That's a great question. Tiffany. Thanks for asking. I'm She lady And I am Ibo Tara. We are XIV. Oh, you are listening to this one time the podcast. Now this Map my love which the people listening right now should have pulled up on their phones. Yeah. Given his question was what about the commentary around the So I'll describe it because I know some of you were driving. Some of you are too lazy to follow instructions and click through do not offend our listeners. It's only the one person. 00:01:51 You know who you . So this is a map where Americans have like I guess it's two supposedly making fun of the fact that Americans don't know about things. So here's the one for Europe. For example, everything in the far eastern side of Europe and into Asia is called just Khamis. The area where Turkey is call Thanksgiving meal France's smelly people, England is just the word Mummy as a variety of things like that. If you go over to the Asian side of things that India is yoga, for example, You get the picture. You kinda get what this is all about the for some reason in South America, Brazil is listed as the Land of no pubis. I guess for a Brazilian waxes. The idea though, anyhow, This is the map in question my love and Tiffany would like to know how we feel about it in general. And also I think she's asking, Does do our experiences into some of these countries. We have been to match the expectation listed by the Americans. What do you think? Uh, I haven't checked South American. I've met several South Americans, K, but I have not check them. All right, I that's one half. Yes. So the spot would Thailand were Yes, Thailand. Thailand is here, and of course, Thailand is you're not not you shouldn't be teacher was raised on this map. It shows up as sex slaves, but it's not just Thailand. I mean it that they've got Thailand, They've got me in Maher And they've got Lau and Cambodia. 00:03:28 Yeah, All of that is mixed together just as one bigger area says sex-slave right above that is the People's Republic of China town. So this is not a nice map. No, it's not a nice map. And and I think that there there's more to those areas Thailand included than the sex slaves. There's so much more thing. I mean, we'll yes. Are you going to me and asked on this show? We've continue. So I think it's a part of. And so you have the sex-pats and the new also have human trafficking red happens. And so it is a little bit a part of the culture, But it there's so much more. And the people that are in those countries are just amazing what like anything. I think this map has a bit of a grain of truth to it, but to me it's it speaks less about these locations like all of South-East, or at least allow Cambodia Myanmar and Thailand, all mixes. I think it speaks more to and a question is more about, So is this really the way Americans view the world? And how has that? How has our opinions as Americans changed as as we have traveled, the world was what is what she's looking for. Now, I have a theory on that. I have with theory that the Americans that look at this map have no idea whether what any of these countries. , they've never been out of their, uh, armchair, I think if you ask most Americans that don't travel, which by the way is most Americans, They would have a tough time. Naming more van. I'm gonna go with five countries and have a Rob, really placing them on a map. They've got Canada, They can nail Canada every single time. They can nail Mexico every single time. Proximity after that it's questionable. I wouldn't bet you. They'd get Brazil. If you showed him a map without any names on it whatsoever, and just had the country lines drawn, They could probably point to Brazil, right? What they would not be able to do is have an approximation of where the actual boundaries of Brazil. Why No way you would be able to do that. And I think if you over to Europe, but actually Let's stick with in the North American and South American conned that that him a speedier, let half of the world. 00:05:48 I think they probably get Cuba. Right. And I was thinking maybe Jamaica. Maybe men, Maybe the Bahamas. Yeah, big what we find, the Bahamas if they could find him on a dam at But initiatives, little small specs that that they could probably get rate. I think when it comes to Europe. Oh yeah, England and Iceland. Everything else is a question mark. Uh, maybe Ireland. Okay, sure. But I they would just roll that whole thing together. I as a There's no way they're going to get there is a ring is that the Ireland It's its own individual country were the Ireland That's part of England for some strange reason. I don't think anybody gets But you know I'm a make another American's your I think I was that way. Yeah. Yeah, I think I mean, even today even have traveling through I can certainly pick out a lot more countries now, Right? But prior to this trip, I could have named England. I probably could've also put Spain Portugal and France Ray. I would not have been able to I know Norway, Finland and Sweden. I don't know which one goes on label where had actually goes, but I could name the three countries that are Norway, Finland and Sweden. Forget anything in the Middle East, Right? Sorry, Don't do it. Forget anything on the continent of Africa. Could name a single country probably still can't South Africa. Got it. . You're good, I can do that one I can do. Yeah. 00:07:22 India, Yes. Ryan, Yes, I could nail Russia, China. Yes, I could get China. I could probably even get Mongolia Japan. I can get easily your Japan. What about about Korea? I don't know if I could at night, I would have got Korea and and even properly north-and-south I would have properly labelled. So proud of you, I know. Yeah. No way I could have found Thailand or Burma Miramar, Nope. Lau Cambodia though. I probably would have gotten Vietnam, I don't know, armed without any other referencing points. I don't know. I'm not trying to win nine appropriate Philippines. Yes. Would have had our Australia No problem, Right? Papua New Guinea for some weird reason. I know, you know, I could I know the shape of Papua New Guinea and our wide weird Dan things that won't get out of my head. And Europe is they bundled together Like there's so many little spot right together, So that's really a tough, tough one. And I don't think Lake Africa, We don't really study it in school at all. And so Well we we've we as a culture talk about Africa as a continent. Think about African people. What can you imagine if North America? I mean we have it just to North America proper. You've got three really big countries, got Canadians and Americans. Great, great. We we look alike and we found the like us not they're not going to become mad when they get mixed in with us, right? But then you got Mexico. That's next inside of it. Now we're talking about pretty serious changes. Unrest people, South Africa, South America, half of the continent speaks Portuguese. Half of them speaks Spanish, quite different people that go around there, But you have it all of Africa. It's gigantic, right? I mean it's it's unions Gentry. It fits almost all of Asia, all of North and South America. 00:09:17 Fits inside of Africa. Wrecked we still talk about as one big lump because were dumb. We just don't . We just don't get it. We don't see those things a lot. So it to me, I think it that though at this map says about us is the it's it's probably pointing out some of the biggest bless about O Americans are bunch of racists and don't get anything that the all those things may be true. But I think if you ask the G average American to point out geography point out India on a map too many of them would have a tough time. A tough time doing it. And I wonder, Is that unique to us? And the answer that question is no, I know realize wanted to go on the street and interview a bunch of Thai people with a blank math and have them name as many countries as they can. And I bet The number is small. They would definitely get me in Mar, they would look at Cambodia that it when they get everything next door, they're really get everything that's adjacent to them. Just like we Americans can get Mexico in Canada every time Wang near one hundred percent accuracy. But I think after that, it would be just as non-existent for for many of them. Do you think that's the same for Europeans? That's the big question because I, I would say the answers Now. I think they're much more travel oriented. They know more about the areas They go to and things like that. I they travel more. I would. I would think the answered a question for the Continental European people who actually live on the actual continent themselves. My assumption is that they are going to be better at this game. Ban somebody like England roar example. But I think a lot of it has to do with as you mentioned, the relative travel news. 00:11:06 This about that person. Yeah. Have they done it? And probably not. Now again, Europe is a little bit a little different because that's a lot of small areas close together. You might have nine different neighbors who knows what the what the border touching at. I think like Americans, We've got to as kids it, We have fifty states in capitalism, memorize. Every child must do this. We get think beyond the VAT where in Europe, Europe less in we even the countries that have individual states and likely a semi-autonomous areas of Spain rank. Yeah. Great. You learn knows, But you've got more room in your ahead for other things as well. So you might as well know little bit more about your area. I bet you if you ask the average Spaniard name and properly put on a map three countries in Africa, for example. Nope. Would not be able to Morongo. Got it. That's it. I I think you need to go on location in figure it out scope. Now the did on the bus and we will try to do that. We're he be get on a bus due to go to Africa, what's wrong with you? You can take up. Actually, you could do that because they are connected. They'll be a bus ride. Yeah, I'm not in Now. I don't think so. Thanks would also anymore to add. I think I'm good. Tiffany. Thank you very much for your question. I believe we properly answered your question. Well, I think we answered the question. I don't know if we properly answered it a properly inch to question, If you want to play along and I'll I'll put links to these maps that you found in the show notes are you can have that. And if you would like to ask questions of the two of us, much like Tiffany did, yes, you can send us an email as she has done or as I much prefer if you go to XIV O . WTF slash Call us, You can leave us a quick little voice mail You could do from your computer You could do from your phone. Just go to XIV O . W T F slash Call us and leave us a ninety second little question and we will get to it right away. 00:13:14 Our show this one time would not be possible without support from people like you, if you think our show is worthy of your financial support pitcher on rigs. It's super easy Go to XIV O . WTF slash patriotic to get signed up. Now, listen, we have some people who've been supporting us four years And those people because they are so stinking awesome are getting a special gift from us, is in the mail will be as soon as I get this done to them. And they are gonna love this thing. It's a special extra one-of-a-kind gift for their longtime support. Hopefully, we continue this trend in future years. So please if you can lend us your support at Chievo . WTF slice patriotic. And when we come around to the next Bessul gift Why you can be on the list as well. I think he should give the other one as well. Oh, that's true. You can also go to XIV O . WTF slash postcards and get on that list separate Yeah, I know were weird. We do things in a weird way, But if you want to get a. SD card from us this month and next month and every month ongoing as we travel round world announcements about that coming up very soon. Go to XIV O . WTF slash post cards and get signed up on that list. Yeah, All of them. All the lists You should be on just get on the less. Get onto the list. Step at now. 00:14:36 Our music is by the way of laugh. Thanks for listening was near. I am Ibo tariff and and she lady for more about us at from us, especially about that little thing. I just eased about about a special announcement that's coming next week. 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