Simon Lycett

By Liz Taylor

How does the word ‘yes’ lead to being the florist for 2 Royal Weddings and an International Memorial? Liz Taylor talks to Simon Lycett about what it takes to be great at your business, build life changing relationships and the everlasting impact of honesty. Simon Lycett has had a colourful and wild career ‘doing the flowers’ for films, royal weddings, and global events. In this interview he walks through the moments that got him to doing the flowers for 2 Royal Weddings and for one of the UK’ Liz Taylor has been organising events for over 30 years as CEO of Taylor Lynn Corporation. In this podcast series she now opens up her black book, invites an eclectic mix of celebrities, business leaders and life long friends to discuss the events that made them.     Plus every interview is accompanied by an "Air Extension" - an episode dedicated to Liz's breakdown of the themes from each interview. Liz Taylor Instagram - @liztaylorconsultancy Twitter - @ConsultancyLiz Facebook - LinkedIn - Website -   Simon Lycett Instagram - simonlycett Twitter - @SimonLycett Facebook  Website -

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