The Porn Crisis & Modern Masculinity With Chris Evans

By Sean Grabowski

This episode has been a long time coming. Needless to say, we live in a highly digital era. In the modern day, many of us have access to any form of content our heart desires. This limitless access, includes porn, and those accessing it includes men and women from a wide range of ages. Many researchers estimate that most boys as young as 12 are watching highly pornographic content regularly. Though this topic is mostly brushed under the rug, the reality is that most young men in the western world are watching porn. Researchers attempting to study its effects struggle to even find enough non-porn watching men aged 20 to 30 to study the topic properly. What we now know about porn is a relatively unanimous set of data backing up the negative effects it has on the human brain. These effects range from depression to anxiety and ADHD. More recently, many young men are coming to the light, realizing the negative contributions their porn habit has had on their lives. To light the way, a community online known as "nofap" has been educating porn users and men about the massive benefits of ridding porn from our life. Mostly men, and of course Women as well, from around the world are finding massive relief from mental symptoms and transforming their lives through quitting porn. As always, this episode was a great conversation with my good friend and director Chris Evans, and I personally believe it is a very important conversation to continue. The Great Porn Experiment Ted Talk: For anybody looking for more information about my mindfulness education company pleased visit:

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