Working Gratitude with Kerry Wekelo

By Darin Hollingsworth

"Start with gratitude." And, "Infuse with gratitude to defuse." In this third episode of season 3 of Working Gratitude, we speak with Kerry Wekelo, COO, Actualize Consulting. Recorded in the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic, we address gratitude during crisis and conflict. We discuss starting difficult conversations with gratitude and appreciation. Kerry is also the author of "Culture Infusion: 9 Principles to Create and Maintain a Thriving Organizational Culture" and soon to be released "Gratitude Infusion." We discuss using gratitude to "infuse and defuse." Her book and program resulted in Actualize Consulting being named a Top Company Culture by Entrepreneur Magazine, Top Work Place by The Washington Post, and a Great Place to Work. Her educational background includes a double major in Finance/Marketing and an MBA in Information Technology. Kerry has been featured on ABC, NBC, NPR, The New York Times, Thrive Global, SHRM, Inc., and National Mortgage Magazine. More about Kerry on LinkedIn: Culture Infusion: Actualize Consulting: Working Gratitude: Working Gratitude on LinkedIn: Darin on LinkedIn: On Facebook:

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