Matt Capizzi - Irrational Confidence

By Chris Cunningham

On episode 7 of Superpowers, Bill and Chris have a motivating discussion with Matt Capizzi, the CEO and co-founder of Zenrez, a software startup that offers innovative, data-powered business solutions to yoga studios. Matt’s superpower is his irrational confidence. A charismatic and confident entrepreneur, Matt’s career in product management started in the biotech industry. After working his way up to product manager at Life Technologies, Matt began to develop his superpower. As Matt says, he realized that “the biggest asset I have… is just the ability to handle pressure. The ability to be comfortable in the uncomfortable.” The idea for Zenrez came to Matt while taking high-level supply chain and operations management classes for his MBA at Carnegie Mellon. “I thought, I’m never going to use this stuff but it’s cool that I know that it exists now. And then I started getting into yoga…” Matt saw a massive opportunity to implement demand-based pricing in the yoga industry. He observed the success of Uber’s pricing model. “Once I saw consumers accept that volatility in price, then I was like – this is going to happen in every single industry,” he told Bill and Chris. Matt started Zenrez with his older brother and a talented engineer he befriended at CMU. They developed a software platform that yoga studios could use to implement demand-based pricing and growth marketing automation. “I spent the next summer doing customer development,” Matt told the hosts. He and his brother started taking yoga classes, “we’d look on the schedule [to see] when the owners would teach, and we would buy an intro pack.” They would pitch their application in person, and thanks to Matt’s irrational confidence, Zenrez grew. Today more than 1,000 studios use Zenrez.

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