[Episode 136] Season 6, Episode 13 of Fear The Walking Dead, "J.D."


May 18

1 hr 28 min

Introducing #JohnDorieSr: an almost #WhatIf version of #JohnDorie, had he been allowed to survive this rough world. What's terrific about this episode is that it provides tons of closure for everyone involved, which is super-duper rare in #TWDUniverse; I feel like we've been saying that a lot lately (that #FTWD, yet again, offers us something that we've never experienced). Note: We're no longer including the Reaction Videos in the beginning of the episode, but we do reference it in discussion (so be sure to catch it beforehand)! Dave's Reaction to #FearTWD 6x13: https://youtu.be/tbH2YoKLUeg We literally cut out 20 whole minutes in the middle of this episode because it was too contentious and didn't get us anywhere. We're really curious about your thoughts, though, because the conversation revolved around whether June could ever find love in someone else, again. For that, the hefty and spicy pre-show, and the non-existent post-show (someone was a little too trigger happy), head here: https://ko-fi.com/post/DOWNLOAD-NOW-Unedited-Episode-136-FearTWD-6x13-V7V54NXNS 📰Episode Breakdown and all embedded content available here: https://squawkingdead.blogspot.com/2021/05/episode-136-season-6-episode-13-of-fear.html RATE US: RateThisPodcast.com/SQUAWKINGDEAD SUPPORT US: Ko-fi.com/SQUAWKINGDEAD FOLLOW US (+more): SQUAWKINGDEAD.com


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