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140. Grow Your Passion. Don't "Find" it.

By David Kadavy – best-selling author

You've heard the advice to find your passion. You've probably also heard the advice that finding your passion is bad advice. But if you shouldn't "find" your passion, what should you do? Isn't passion important? New research tells us exactly what is wrong with "finding" your passion. It's the subject of this week's article. Love Your Work is now fully listener-supported! Patreon supporters are now covering ALL production costs for Love Your Work! Thank you supporters! To help, go to Free Creative Productivity Toolbox I quadrupled my creative productivity. Sign up and I'll send you the tools I count on: Feedback? Questions? Comments? I love to hear anything and everything from you. Leave a review on Apple Podcasts, Tweet at me @kadavy, or email me     Sponsors Show notes:

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