Amaka & Toby

By Maria Passingham

Amaka and Toby were always in each others lives, but never saw anything more than friendship. That is, until a meddling brother and their strong shared faith planted the seed of possibility. Finally accepting what she thought was an innocent holiday invitation to Denmark, Amaka had no idea that Toby had a much more serious purpose for her trip. Original artwork is created for each episode of Equal Parts - using the audio alone as inspiration. Sharna Neil created an illustration for Amaka & Toby's story, using vines as a metaphor for their developing and interconnecting love. You can see the piece at alongside all of the artwork for the season so far.Keep up with Amaka & Toby: You can subscribe to their YouTube channel, follow on Instagram, and read more about them & buy their books here: Sharna Neil on Instagram, or view her website here: www.sharnaneil.comBecome a Patron to support the show: a transcript for this episode: more or get in touch: See for privacy and opt-out information.

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