A chat with Carol Hanson

By Martin Hewlett Hypnotherapy

Another weekend special from Calming Anxiety. Today's guest is the incredible Carol Hanson. She talks about empowering women to love themselves again and being happy. After a lifetime of anorexia Carol overcame it and more. Join us on a journey of pain through to rebirth. If you have a life story of overcoming adversity then email me at calminganxiety@martinhewlett.co.uk and lets chat about being on the show.If you are just learning about mindfulness and meditation then sign up for our new course that is released beginning of April. Its FREE !! Sign up here https://mailchi.mp/850f9c4e9241/a-new-way-of-thinkingIf you're suffering from Insomnia or depression and would like 50 of our best guided sessions with out the adverts you can buy the catalogue here on one unique USB https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Calming-Anxiety-50-Session-Catalogue/174207290136Remember, Be Kind, stay safe. Martin

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